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Clock Types


Anniversary Clocks:

So called because these types of clocks run approximately one year without winding or battery replacement. Clock movement is characterized by brass weights rotating horizontally on a spring. Many types of anniversary clocks today have accurate quartz battery movements.

Wall Clocks Key-Wound Chime:

Handsome, ornamental type clocks, usually crafted in solid hardwood. Maybe weight-driven or spring-driven and usually distinguished by a polished brass pendulum and Cathedral Chimes.

Mantel Clocks Key-Wound Chime:

Frequently used as a mantel centerpiece, but equally appropriate on a shelf or bookcase. Usually cased in rich solid hardwood cabinetry, with ornamented dials and equipped with key-wound chiming movements.

Wall Clocks or Mantel Quartz Dual Chime:

A very exciting, new opportunity for clocks offering authentic chime tone quality at quartz battery value prices. These movements offer two melodies (usually Westminster and Ave Maria), automatic nighttime shut-off and volume control.

Decorator Clocks:

General name for a wide variety and types of wall clocks for kitchen, den, family or living room. These types of clocks are usually battery powered for decorating versatility. Design choices range from traditional to modern, to complement any interior.

Tabletop Clocks:

Serving a wide range of decorative and useful purposes. Many feature beautifully polished brass cases with richly colored dial and bezel accents.

Digital Clocks:

Contemporary clocks with time displayed in figures rather than by conventional dial and hands.

Grandfather Clocks:

Patriarchs of the clock family, majestic floor clocks combine superbly detailed cabinetry with the finest weight-driven chime movements. Available in a wide choice of fine furniture finishes. They offer features such as moon-phase dials and Cathedral Chimes. Floor clocks become family heirlooms.

Travel and Alarm Clocks:

Compact clocks suitable for carrying in the pocket or suitcase.