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Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks, also known as floor clocks, are the patriarchs of timepieces. They sit or stand on the floor and are distinguishable from grandmothers by their taller size. Indeed, some can be as tall as 93 inches, such as some of these Limited Edition Grandfather Clocks. They are memorable heirloom timepieces that can make a great statement in any home or office. Like most mechanical timepieces, grandfather clocks will usually have a case, pendulum, weights and some will play a melody. Although most have these traits in common, the style they're presented in can differ.

The clock case is the most apparent visual aspect. The traditional clock case usually has either a "box" case or a "pinch waist" design, such as some of these Presidential and traditional grandfather clocks. The pediments can highlight the case with a swan neck pediment or a bonnet pediment. Additionally, a more contemporary look can include a flat top pediment or a round top, such as some of these contemporary grandfather clocks. Access to the movement is usually made through the front but some cases can have a removable hood.

Pendulums for the movement inside the case can be as simple as a wood stick pendulum or an elaborate lyre pendulum. Similarly, the weights can be simple and plain or decorative with matching weight bands. The inside of the case can also offer illumination, which allows the illuminated dial to be viewed in a darken setting while the glow accents the pendulum, weights and possibly even a moon dial.

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